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Driven by the desire to innovate, HLD creates the Healthcare department in order to offer a range of consumables and equipment at the forefront of bio-cleaning and body care for healthcare establishments.

Hospitals, clinics, Medico-social establishments, Nursing homes, Home care services

Areas of expertise :


  •  Bio-cleaning from the resident's room to the operating room.
  •  Reduction of the part of chemistry in the cleaning.
  •  Optimization of day-to-day ergonomics for users.
  •  Personal hygiene and patient care.
  •  Training in the optimal use of our products.



A complete range of cleaning accessories, combining :


  •  efficiency of mechanical action
  •  "ergonomics-oriented" equipment and consumables, lightening of loads, reduction of MSDs
  •  reduced water and chemical consumption, sustainable development, CSR
  •  a reduction in the risk of cross-contamination
  •  easy validation of cleaning protocols
  •  great flexibility
  •  reduced infrastructure costs


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Wiping and disinfection of high surfaces


HLD meets your requirements by providing you with dry or pre-impregnated techniques and consumables for effective and economical wiping of your critical areas, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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Floor cleaning


Thanks to the latest technical innovations in the field of floor cleaning, our team is pleased to be able to provide you with many new products requiring less chemistry, both in terms of manufacture and use, while guaranteeing better efficiency.

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Personal hygiene


We offer single-use gloves and wipes to replace traditional reusable solutions, to ensure maximum comfort for patients and caregivers. Our selection of products makes it possible to considerably limit handling, but also to avoid the risk of contamination.

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Hardware / supports


Whether trolleys, telescopic handles, cloth or mop holders, with or without antibacterial treatment, HLD has the tools to meet your needs.


safe air & surface ® program


A range of innovative solutions to eliminate odor nuisances, limit pollutants and contaminants in interior spaces for healthy air.

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